We are committed to continuing and developing good environmental practice at Heath Farm Holiday Cottages. In 2008 we joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme to learn more about what we could do and to spread awareness of more sustainable practices in daily life as well as within tourism. In the first year we were awarded a bronze in recognition of existing commitment to local skills, products and conservation. In our next inspections in 2010 and 2012 we were awarded with a silver grading.   In 2014 we were delighted to have been awarded Gold !  We are pleased our visitors also appreciate our efforts.

‘The standard of accommodation and attention to detail is excellent. The eco’ friendly estate and invitation to explore the woodland environment made our stay a real pleasureJohn and Veronica.

‘Our evening walks around your woodland grounds were accompanied by the many birds and animals that inhabit your meadows and woodland.
We were fortunate enough to catch sight of at least one deer before they caught our scent and disappeared into the undergrowth.’ Cobnut visitor July 2016
There are various small steps we can all take to try and reduce our impact on the environment -including staying local. We hope you will enjoy exploring what Heath Farm and our local area has to offer in terms of walks, rides, farmers markets and farm shops, local crafts.
‘enjoyed many good walks around the grounds seeing rabbits, buzzards and muntjac deer. Also enjoyed sitting in the archway outside making friends with the sheep’

‘Outside we have enjoyed walking the grounds, admiring the gardens, the chickens, the orchards and the variety of woodlands. Further afield we have walked several ways to Swerford and Wigginton and back, using lanes and footpaths. We love the recycling and the obvious attempts at being in tune with nature.’ Beechnut visitor from Canada Dec 2011

‘we explored the grounds around the farm and discovered new paths everyday.’

What we are doing:

■ We are currently working towards maintaining and improving our grading within the GTBS Scheme and using their guidelines to improve our awareness.

■ Water – we have our own supply of lovely spring water. This is UV treated so there are no chemicals involved and is perfectly safe to drink, no need to buy bottled water! We recycle water from the pond to water our garden. We attend quickly to any leaks.

■ Heating – we have replaced our high efficiency oil fuelled boiler with a new wood pellet boiler.   We have well lagged hot water pipes and tanks and have turned down the thermostat as advised.

■ We use recycled loo paper in the cottages and other recycled paper products when we can source them.

■ We are currently changing light bulbs to energy saving bulbs where possible and now L.E.D.

■ We use our own flowers and greenery in the cottages when we can instead of buying imported and packaged ones.

■ Continuing conservation efforts on our 70 acres.

■ We use and supply cottages with environmentally friendly washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, hand soap, bathroom and toilet cleaners, washing powder.

■ We use vinegar and soda crystals to minimise detergent use.

■ We have two ‘green cones’ to process raw and cooked food waste.

Over the last few years we have:

– Hosted a Woodland Group Workshop Day with demonstrations and talks about the use of hazel coppice for thatching, fencing and hurdle making as well as for the production of peasticks and bean poles.

– Made charcoal using traditional methods (as part of above workshop day) which will be used for our guests’ summer barbeques.

– Hosted various local school and charity visits .

– We have continued to manage and maintain the woodlands and also begun to sell firewood and peasticks.  We also supply hazel stakes and binders to local hedge layers, and other local crafts people.

– We have begun to phase out the amount of paper and postage we use in correspondence and advertising.

– We have upgraded our veranda glazing in Cobnut for improved insulation.

-We have continued to use local craftsmen to maintain and upgrade our facilities – local blacksmith, local furniture upholsterer, on site joiners.

-We have replaced washing machines with more energy and water efficient model.

– We have investigated possibilities for wind power and attended workshops on wood-chip boilers.

-we have installed solar panels on barn roof.

-we have installed a new wood pellet boiler.

-we have built a compost loo in the grounds


What you can do:

■ Switch off lights and appliances when not in use.

■ Turn down heating if you’re hot. All our radiators have individual thermostats.

■ Think about your water consumption: eg. Run machines on full load rather than only part. Switch off taps when brushing teeth.

■ Line dry when possible.

■ Think about packaging and air miles when shopping: Try buying some of your produce from local market or farm shops. Links;   – Local Farmers Markets Ethical Food Directory

Big Barn

■ Recycling: We have a section by the bins for glass, plastic, tins and card/paper -please rinse recyclables.

■ Green cone food waste: Use the caddy for raw and cooked food waste.*

Visitor Payback Scheme: If you have enjoyed the Cotswold countryside maybe you would like to support conservation efforts in the area. Please ask us for donation box while you are here or subscribe on line.

■ Include Picnics in our grounds or explore the footpaths and bridle paths adjoining and surrounding our land.

■ Check Cotswold AONB and Wildlife websites for events, activities, courses and information

■ Drink our spring water rather than buy bottled.

■ Feel free to give suggestions to us on how we can improve our environmental performance.


*suitable green cone matter includes – fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags and coffee grounds, meat, fish.

Thank you for your help in considering our environment.

For recordings of birdsongs to help you identify birds while you re here please visit

Berks, Bucks and Oxon Guide to birdsongs

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